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The Peterc Vineyard Estate has been building a story with local suppliers from the very beginning. Our highest postulate is to offer local, seasonal, healthy and clean food. That is why we work with carefully selected local suppliers, who we present to our guests at breakfast and wine snacks. We make sure that guests taste jams, honey products, teas, rose juices, lavender, spirits and liqueurs from best Brda producers and Brda terroir. In order to offer our guests orientation and trust, we have created the sign “Best of Brdo by Peterc”, which helps guests to trust and build a local story with us. We believe that together with local growers we are more successful and stronger, and most of all, together we tell one terroir story and help each other, which makes us infinitely happy. We want to add a new local supplier every year and thus slowly embrace the entire rich offer of best Goriška Brda products under the umbrella sign “Best of Brda” by Peterc.

Only The Best is good enough!