Summer has officially arrived and with it the long, hot summer days. Goriška Brda is beautiful at this time of year and offers a wealth of activities, such as events and concerts, to brighten up the summer evenings. At the Peterc Vineyard Estate, we relieve the intense heat with a pleasant swim in Peterc swimming pool, where we offer a variety of cold fruits, cocktails such as Mimosa, Rossini and Bellini, a range of other refreshing drinks, and Peterc sparkling wine and white wine Rebula. But that’s not all, we’ve also opened our new Peterc corner shop, where you can buy local products that had delighted you during your stay and can pamper you at home.

Join us to enjoy summer at its best.


A time of great fruit abundance is coming. The cherry trees will be rich this year, and at the Peterc Vineyard Estate we are very proud of some of our cherry trees, which pamper us every year. We also share the children’s joy of picking cherries from the tree with our guests. We offer a basket to anyone who wants to have the experience of picking fruit from a tree. Those who are not impressed by the harvest, we have the cherries already chilled and picked, so they can taste them.Not only cherries are the ones we like to eat, there are also very seductive strawberries, which we like to serve in a Rossini cocktail by the pool or on the terrace.Life on the Peterc Vineyard Estate quickly becomes “La Dolce Vita”, You are invited to join us.


The Peterc Vineyard Estate has been building a story with local suppliers from the very beginning. Our highest postulate is to offer local, seasonal, healthy and clean food. That is why we work with carefully selected local suppliers, who we present to our guests at breakfast and wine snacks. We make sure that guests taste jams, honey products, teas, rose juices, lavender, spirits and liqueurs from best Brda producers and Brda terroir. In order to offer our guests orientation and trust, we have created the sign “Best of Brdo by Peterc”, which helps guests to trust and build a local story with us. We believe that together with local growers we are more successful and stronger, and most of all, together we tell one terroir story and help each other, which makes us infinitely happy. We want to add a new local supplier every year and thus slowly embrace the entire rich offer of best Goriška Brda products under the umbrella sign “Best of Brda” by Peterc.

Only The Best is good enough!


Spring is a few weeks away, but her breath is already being felt, the vibrations in the air bring her charm and charge with optimism.
It started and soon there’s going to be an Ocean of blossoming fruit trees like cherries, apricots, plums, apples, pears and many more.

Can you imagine how breathtaking this event is, how amazing and gorgeous this is?

At Peterc Vineyard Estate we look forward to welcoming you to a variety of outdoor activities that will allow you to experience the awakening of nature. At your disposal is:

  • Wild Animal watching & photography
  • Forest exploring: wild flowers, herbs and mushrooms picking, foraging for wild food and edible plants
  • Hunting

Browse through our a la cart menu of suggestions / look at THINGS TO DO and allow us to help you organise your day.

In this beautiful time of year there is also a Wine Festival called »Brda in Vino« which is a shame to miss. Check our calendar for all events in year 2022.

Welcome to blossom with us, we look forward hosting you!

Winter 2022

What a year it has been for us. From opening our first Wine Hospitality Estate to receiving amazingly wonderful guests and meeting unexpectedly interesting people to working with more and more delicious local supliers, not to forget our extremely commited staff.

It«s been an amazing journey, despite Covid!

We want to thank each and every one who has supported us through this beutiful time and we are commiting to be even better in 2022 and to never stop improving for You.

Pandemic taught us to be grateful and patient.

In this spirit we have started with our upgrading works and soon will be open again all shiny and new.

NEW amenities in 2022:

  • Rooms with baths
  • Connecting rooms
  • Salt&herb bath wellness

We hardly wait to Welcome you again in February 2022!

Autumn news

At Peterc Vineyard Estate we like spending these autumn evenings playing cards and sipping wine by the fire. It is so much fun to joke and laugh over a game of Canasta, Rummy or favourite local card games like Briscola and the so very Austro-Hungarian game of Tarock!

Join us in your favourite game, share in the local traditions with us or teach us one of your own!

August news!

New poolside drinks and refreshments menu available for our guests! Enjoy refreshingly chilled wine from the vineyard just below our pool or indulge in a Mimosa or Bellini cocktail as you gaze towards the Venice lagoon on the horizon.

How about a homemade iced tea, our bespoke rose cordial, or our newly-created lavender drink, all from organically grown local ingredients? Book your stay with us and enjoy these and many other perks at the Peterc Vineyard Estate.

Summer news!


Here is the idea: bring a bottle of wine that is special to you-  whether because it’s from your country, you just absolutely love it or you are just curious about it yourself and you want to share it with us. After starting with fantastic local sparkling Rebula wine from our vineyards as an aperitif, we will open your bottle and we will share it, discuss & analyze it together. We will provide food to accompany your wine. What do you think? We can’t wait to meet you and exchange wine stories!


With warm summer afternoons and shooting stars at night, a picnic in the Peterc Vineyard is utterly romantic and very special. Available to Peterc Vineyard Estate guests only. Contact us for details about your very own picnic basket and accompanying wines. 

And that’s not all! We also have a brand new and refreshing POOLSIDE drinks menu for these hot August days.

New seasonal surprises are coming up, so stay tuned by following us on social networks @peterc_brda

New this June

We follow nature’s rhythm with each season and offer you fresh produce from our Brda terroir. In the last weeks of spring, the abundance of plump juicy cherries adds to the taste and gorgeous Roses give everything a very special, sensual and glamorous touch. At Peterc Vineyard Estate we are serving homemade ice tea from local handpicked herbs and blossoms from the organic farm “Vonj Poletja” , as well as an amazing Rose drink from organically grown fragrant roses.

And that’s not all! We are preparing new seasonal surprises so stay tuned and following us on social networks.

NEW! Gift certificates

New from the Peterc Vineyard Estate! Surprise your friends, loved ones or business partners by gifting a stay at our vineyard estate. Make the surprise even more special by adding an experience from the list of activities offered to our guests, such as wine tastings, adopt-a-vine, and more. Contact us today via your preferred channel here.